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Brief description

Whoever wouldn’t dream of flying? In this play across different genres eight weird birds flock together to become companions in fate: Peacock and Firebird, Raven and Chicken, Ostrich and Turkey all dream of flying and deliver a comedic, energetic exchange among them. Each of the different feathers will add their own art into the mix — dance, artistry, puppetry und singing serve as means of expression to this flamboyantly costumed troupe, and turn this poetic walkabout act into a multi-layered and varied spectacle. The actors play and dance between the contrasting poles of playfulness, desire for freedom, and obedience — thus providing an appropriate parable of the current situation, if you will.
"Vogelfrei -Ein poetischer Walkact" ("Outlawed — A Poetic Walkabout Act") was developed in the summer of 2021, funded by the "Take Action" programme of the German "Fonds Darstellende Künste". It is an interdisciplinary puppet theatre performance about funsters, unlucky fellows, odd characters, weirdos and eccentrics (each of them referred to as some kind of "bird" in the German language) with live music, artistry and dance in the public space.

The play premiered on September 12, 2021 at Grassi-Fest in the courtyard of the Grassi museum quarters in Leipzig, Germany.
Another double performance was realized as a stage adaptation at the Leipzig Market Square on September 26, 2021 during the "Autumn Market Days".
"Vogelfrei" has already been offered a slot at the Handel Festival in Halle/Saale, Germany on May 28, 2022, as well as the "Stelzenfestspiele bei Reuth" in July 2022.


Technical Requirements



8 to 9 players + 1 sound/light engineer + 1 stage manager.


Power outlet:



Parking space:

for 3 cars.


Playing area:

6 × 6m min. Headroom: 6m.



Place for changing.

Short Information:

  • Every performance lasts 35 mins. Costing includes 2 performances per day.

  • An even area, such as a meadow, tarmac, or stage is required. Uneven areas, such as cobblestone, are not suitable.

  • Event organizer should arrange for obtaining any permits/approvals required for the performance space in time.

  • Stage setup 2 hours before start of event. Deconstruction will take 1 hour.

  • Der Aufbau erfolgt 2 Stunden vor Aufführungsbeginn. Der Abbau dauert 1 Stunde.

  •  If the show has to be stopped due to weather conditions, any performance already started will be fully charged.

  • Sound/light equipment will be provided by the artists.


  • €4,000 fees for 10 soloists (incl. sound/light engineer, stage manager, driver)

  • €500 organizing

  • €4,500 TOTAL COST

  • Travel/accomodation costs and a fixed catering rate not included the sum total. Travel is by 1 van and 2 cars. The fixed catering rate is €25 per person per day.

Workshop Offer

  • The artists can also offer additional workshops and courses for the audience on demand. These may include dancing, hula hoop, juggling, paper theatre, makeup, and artistry. Please contact us to request a separate offer.
    The average fee for a one-hour workshop is €300.

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